C28.com – Back To School Sale!

It’s that time of year again! From elementary school to college, school is back in session which means it’s time for another great Back To School sale from C28!

From now until 9/6, customers can get 10% off any order over $100 with the coupon code “C28BTS09”.

We have a full complement of sale and text banners available for you with this great discount code in both Avantlink and CJ.

C28 - Back to School - 300x250

Have a newsletter? We have email creative available! Contact us for more details.

Happy selling!

C28.com “top sellers” update

Here are the top 5 sellers in men’s and women’s apparel at www.c28.com this week:

Operation Worship
For Freedom
Across the City


Edgy Grunge
Frankie Babydoll
Love Because
Loved by God Empire Top
God is Love

We’ll have the “Top Sellers” feed in AvantLink updated shortly.

Happy selling!

C28.com Christian Fashion Jewelry

A consistent top selling category, our Christian fashion jewelry lets believers accessorize with rings, bracelets, necklaces and more that all reflect a positive Christian lifestyle. C28 also carries a full assortment of purity and promise jewelry, chastity rings in their “True Love Waits” jewelry line.

Banner and text links are available both in Avant and CJ. Individual products are also available in our compete product catalog datafeeds.

C28 Christian Jewelry

Happy Selling!,

Video Tutorial – GoldenCan for C28 Affiliates

We’ve added a great new tool to the mix for C28 affiliates (CJ) to use in promoting C28 product on their site.   GoldenCan is a really well established tool that allows affiliates to build custom storefronts on their site – including full site stores and keyword stores or even coupon based stores.

If you are looking for a way to show off C28 product to your visitors and do a little “pre-selling” and merchandising before the affiliate click, GoldenCan is an awesome tool for you and you should use it.   (The use of storefronts on your own site in combination with paid search traffic is actually the secret of some of the top affiliates in our program.)

I took a few minutes late last week and shot some video of me setting up a store in GoldenCan – it should give you a feel for how easy it is to build a store and add it to your site.


GoldenCan is free to use for affiliates and C28 is set up as a “free of 4th click” merchant – which means that you ear commissions on all clicks you send through the tool. GoldenCan is only usable by C28 affiliates in the CJ Network at this time.

Happy Selling!


Mix & Match Sale Extended to 2/22

C28 Mix & Match Sale

The current C28 sale is going so well that we’ve extended the end date of the sale!

The sale will end at midnight PST on Sunday 2/22 and we are offering 4 t-shirts for $40 and 2 for $60 pricing on Hoodies, Jeans, Shoes, Thermals and Button Down Shirts. Our entire Ezekiel clothing and accessory line is also on sale for 50% off.

Links are available both in Avant and CJ.

C28 Sale

C28 is having a super aggressive sale this weekend and we wanted to make sure you knew about it!

Between now and midnight PST on Sunday 2/15 they are offering 4 t-shirts for $40 and 2 for $60 pricing on Hoodies, Jeans, Shoes, Thermals and Button Down Shirts. That is really awesome pricing on top quality products from the top brand in Christian apparel.

Links are available both in Avant and CJ.

GTO Podcast #3: Gary Marcoccia of AvantLink

Today on the podcast, I was joined by guest host Ian Larsen of IanLarsen.com to chat with Gary Marcoccia of the AvantLink affiliate network.

Here at GTO we’ve recently launched the C28.com affiliate program on AvantLink and we’ve been really impressed with the tools that they provide to both affiliates and merchants. Gary and Ian and I chatted on the history of AvantLink – as they have roots as both affiliates and affiliate managers, which I think contributes the the practicality of the AvantLink tool and some of the cool datafeed handling tools that AvantLink offers.

We talked in detail about a few features in particular, the Affiliate Link Encoder (ALE) which allows bloggers, webmasters and forum operators to put affiliate tracking in place for any AvantLink merchant without having to actually login to the affiliate UI or so any special coding. Once the ALE javascript is in place, the affiliate tracking is put in place on the broswer side of the equation. Gary told a great story of an affiliate who operated an Outdoor Sports focused online forum. Using the ALE script, he was able to place affiliate tracking on many of the links that both he and his forum members placed over several years of content… all with a quick copy and paste. Talk about easy money. This feature is the blogger or review affiliates dream.

We also chatted about AvantLink and their on-board support of video creative and some of the cool things that they do with RSS syndication and tying affiliates to referrals from feeds that they host from merchants. This is really cool stuff – effectively, AvantLink has provided affiliates with a “long tail” creative.

In addition to some of the big tools that AvantLink provides, they have also put some little things into the mix that are pretty cool. For instance – as a merchant, you can subscribe to RSS feeds that give you transaction info and affiliate application information. They also provide FireFox and Thunderbird extensions that scroll program stats at the bottom of your screen so you are never out of touch with your affiliate program data.

Ian chimed in with his experience as an affiliate and applauded the flexibility of the AvantLink datafeed tools and the accessibility of support and development to get what you need as an affiliate. Gary applauded the affiliates out there for driving innovation.

We had a great time chatting and I look forward to speaking with Gary again. If you are a retail merchant with a product catalog and you are looking for a really powerful, but reasonable priced affiliate network with some awesome tools included – check out AvantLink.

Enjoy the podcast!